General Process for adding a new signature

1. Create new email address

2. Put user in required distribution list

    a. If user does NOT need Code-Two signature, then place in CodeTwoExemptions

    b. If user DOES need Code-Two signature, then place in CodeTwoLicenseDistribution

        i. This is important because it communicates if another license needs to be purchased

3. Using the Code-Two application:

    a. Click plus icon and add new rule using the user's name (ex. John Doe)

        i. This is organized alphabetically; this is done by using the up and down carets

    b. Add sender 

        i. select the user's email address

    c. Can set up a keyword to look for w/in body of email to see which signature to set if multiple

        i. always put "in body"

    d. Set email direction to internal AND external

    e. Edit signature using the HTML, RTF, and Plain Text

        i. HTML and Plain Text codes are found in Marketing Folder, under Compliance - Signatures

        ii. Make sure HTML displays correctly and adjust as needed

        iii. RTF is not necessary

        iv. Make sure Plain Text displays correctly and adjust as needed

        v. Use preview to check. If all is good, hit "Apply + Close". There may be a warning about not having RTF

    f. Options

        i. Can either set both to "go to next rule" or leave alone -- doesn't seem to matter

4. Click the save button