Steps: Command Line Steps to disable a Plugin

    1. Click the START button on your selected workstation and enter CMD in the Search Programs and Files field to bring up a DOS window.

    2. Navigate to the plugins directory (e.g., C:\Users\UserName\AppData\LocalLow\Apps\Ellie Mae\<hash folder>=\EncompassData\Settings\Cache\<hash folder>\Plugins ).

    3. Type DIR <enter> for a list of plugins and identify the one in question.

    4. Type the following: type nul>YourPluginName.dll <enter>.

    5. Dir again and ensure the dll is 0 KB.

    6. Log off / onto Encompass.

        1. You’ll receive Popup Error that an error occurred retrieving the plugin.  Click OK

    7. Test the offending scenario to see if the problem occurs with the plugin disabled.

    8. Once testing is complete - log off of Encompass and remove the plugin from the workstation cache so it takes effect again when logging back on (DOS Command Line).

        1. From the same directory as #2 above:  Del YourPlugin.dll <enter>.

        2. Logon Encompass and verify the Plugin streamed back to the directory

            1. Dir <enter>

To disable all plugins, add this batch file to the Encompass Plugins folder and run.