You can try these troubleshooting steps:

-Navigate to C:\SmartClientCache\Apps\Ellie Mae\Encompass\RemoveUAC.exe and make sure all checkboxes are checked.

-Encompass will re-download most files.

If that did not work

1. Log out of Encompass 
2. Navigate to these folders and delete the contents (but leave the folders) 
- C:\Users\(userID)\AppData\Roaming\ePASS 
- C:\Users\(userID)\AppData\LocalLow\Apps\Ellie Mae\xIHR5EqGa7zPnRG0YpD5z4TPAB0=\EncompassData\Settings\Epass 
- C:\Users\(userID)\AppData\LocalLow\Apps\Ellie Mae\xIHR5EqGa7zPnRG0YpD5z4TPAB0=\EncompassData\Settings\Updates 
3. Run a Remove UAC on the workstation (KA attached to case)
4. Start Encompass, give it a couple minutes to load the components, login and retest. 
the functions that were giving you the error.

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