Clients are reporting the following error message in Encompass when attempting to upload documents into the eFolder:

User-added image

This can be caused by one of three things.

  1. PDF file is password protected.
  2. PDF file contains additional security/encryption.  This is indicated by the word SECURED displaying in the document's header
  3. PDF file is corrupt.

Solution Details:

Since there are three possible causes for this error message, there are three possible resolutions.

Cause: PDF is password protected
Resolution:  Remove the password protection from the PDF file

Cause:  PDF file contains additional security/encryption. This is determined by the word SECURED in the header or a long alpha-numeric value at the top of page 1 of the document.
Resolution:  Use the Print to eFolder option and select "Print as Image".

Cause:  PDF file is corrupt
Resolution:  User will need to print and scan a new file, then upload into the eFolder.

Encompass KB 000031410 

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