This is a very specific SalesLogix issue that we encountered.  It is specific to users on RDP and involves DPI sychronization between the client and the RDP sessions.

This is on a 2 monitor setup, both locally and remotely.

To reproduce the error, set the DPI scaling to of one of the monitors to be different than the other on the local PC.

RDP to the remote PC that has SalesLogix installed.   Open SalesLogix.

Write | Tempates | Email Templates | select top one and hit edit.  It may ask to make a copy, say yes and make a new copy with a different name.  

It will open the template directly in word, then SalesLogix will give an error to close word first.

This problem gets resolved two ways:

 1) While word is open, there is a gear icon at the bottom, click it and switch to compatibility mode.

2) Make sure the DPI scaling is the same for both local monitors.